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September 2009

Microsoft “Courier” secret tablet

Bob Corrigan pointed this one out to me. Say what you will about Microsoft, this is a fine scenario-based demo.

If you can't see the embedded video, try here.

Whenever I encounter a new company or product, I immediately want to hear a story about how the product will be used. Not vague explanations of how someone might want to do something and not how it will create synergy. Give me an example of its use!

Bob writes in nice persona-driven demo:

Sometimes product managers leave the "marketing stuff" up to the
"marketing people". When it comes to how your products are
demonstrated, don't let this happen. Make sure you connect capabilities
to value by grounding them in problems people have, and how you help
them solve those problems.

Amen, brother.

Barb Nelson at ProductCamp Seattle


Barb Nelson will be attending ProductCamp Seattle on Oct 10th. Her proposed talk: Why would someone want to hire YOU? Use product management principles to market yourself in these uncertain times.

  • Are you in the market looking for new opportunities?
  • Are you are worried about the future in your current position?
  • Do you stand out from the crowd as a product management leader

 YOU ARE THE PRODUCT! Now what? This session will discuss practical methods for increasing your career success in today's marketplace.

How you market yourself give the hiring manager a clue of how you'd market his or her product, don't you think?